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BCM's Clients

For more than 20 years BC Manufacturing (formerly Vertek) has supported international manufacturing companies as they initiated their operations in Mexico. Their products vary from the defense industry through high-tech electronics and the medical industry, meeting the strictest standards and specifications. Some of them are:

BEI Duncan (Now part of The Schneider Group)

Manufacturer of electronic sensors for the automotive industry

Delta Design

Manufacturer of semiconductor handling equipment
Hughes Aircraft: Industrial Products Division (Now Palomar Technologies)

Manufacturer of welding equipment for the micro-electronics industry


Medical contract manufacturer

Manufacturer of military microwave filters

Toyota Dealer



Manufacturer of membrane switches. Became a qualified "dock to stock" supplier for Qualcomm cell phones.

C COR Electronics
Manufacturer of telecommunications transmitters and repeaters

M/A- COM (Torrance CA, Div.)

Manufacturer of military hybrid circuits

Microsemi (Now Advanced Power Technologies)
Manufacturer of power transistors

Pulse Engineering

Manufacturer of electronic filters


Manufacturer of power supplies used in the aviation industry

Sensormatic (Now TYCO Video Products)

Manufacturer of video security systems